100 more swimming drills : improve your technique, become a by Blythe Lucero

By Blythe Lucero

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13 11:19 100 drills Drill feedback chart PRoblem modification I can’t seem to control my Use your hips and shoulders to start and stop your roll to 45 degrees... I just roll. keep going. I loose my downhill float Make sure you are looking down towards the bottom very quickly when I roll. of the pool and not forward. When I add the kick, I The kick should be a very gentle, quiet kick and very can’t roll as well. narrow. Make sure your hip action is connected to your roll primarily rather than to your kick.

Practice this. It is important. When I try to let my hand Make sure your elbow is positioned higher than your trail, it drags through the shoulder during recovery, so your trailing hand will water. clear the water. It should feel as if a string is attached to your elbow and someone is pulling it upward. My hand stops trailing my The longer you can maintain a trailing hand, the elbow before it passes my more rest, or recovery your muscles will get. head. 13 11:19 100 drills 13. Loose hand swing The purpose of this drill • Developing an effortless recovery • Achieving a high elbow recovery • Aligning your recovery forward How to do this drill Step 1: Float face down in the water, with your right arm extended in front of you, and your left arm at your side.

It is therefore important to make the recovery as effortless as possible to save your energy for the underwater stroke. Learning to use the muscles of the core to throw your arm forward accomplishes this, as well as creating a working relationship between the two arms. Use the following drills to improve your recovery technique for freestyle. 13 11:19 100 drills 12. Trailing hand The purpose of this drill • Learning to relax the recovering arm • Avoiding stressful shoulder rotation • Developing an effortless recovery How to do this drill Step 1: Swim freestyle for several laps.

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