A Chat About Yamantaka by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

By Lama Zopa Rinpoche


In the spring of 1997, i used to be doing retreat in a single of the Vajrapani Institute's gorgeous cabins while I heard that Zopa Rinpoche was once arriving to wait an FPMT board assembly. That spring, His Holiness the Dalai Lama had given Yamantaka initiation and observation, and that i had numerous questions concerning the safeguard wheel perform. virtually miraculously, Rinpoche had the time to work out me and that i posed my questions. He spoke back in brief, and concluded via announcing that others would need to profit approximately this too, so he may train it to the practitioners within the sector. I marveled on the luck of having the ability to listen to the extra broad teachings crew surroundings might provide.

In Rinpoche's general variety, earlier than he taught the security wheel element of the sadhana, he lined the previous meditations and hence gave in-depth teachings at the 4 immeasurables, vacancy, and taking loss of life because the route to dharmakaya. I later transcribed and edited these teachings to create this book.


Editor's Introduction
1 Motivation
2 Introduction
3 The 4 Immeasurables
4 Meditation at the 4 Immeasurables
5 Dissolving into Emptiness
6 the final word Guru, The Deity, and You
7 Meditation on Yamantaka
8 Emptiness
9 the safety Wheel
10 Dedication

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This divine identity is developed in a specific way, for a specific purpose. You label Buddha in dependence upon the Buddha-the holy body, speech, and mind-that you will become in the future. That is the base of designation, and it is something that exists. Your future Yamantaka exists, your future Tara exists. You label Buddha in dependence on that pure base, that completely pure mind, dharmakaya. You do not label dharmakaya on ignorance. You are not labeling 45 A CHAT ABOUT YAMANTAKA Buddha on your ordinary aggregates.

It returns to its own abode; 2. It becomes non-objectifying right there; 3. It absorbs into you and blesses you; or 4. As you meditate on the emptiness of all phenomena and purify yourself in emptiness, at the same time, the merit field becomes non-objectifying, or empty. 59 A CHAT ABOUT YAMANTAKA The great yogi Lalita recommended doing it the fourth way. Let everything-the merit field and all other phenomena-appear empty to your mind. The essence of taking death as the ·path to the dharmakaya is to meditate on the clear light mixed with emptiness.

Ordinary appearance has two aspects, the appearance of an inherently existent I and inherently existent aggregates, and the appearance of ourselves and our aggregates as ordinary. These two are purified in emptiness at the same time, so the appearance of the ordinary aggregates and ordinary I cease. The mind that realizes that all these are empty experiences great bliss, and you hold the divine pride, or divine identity, of being the dharmakaya that you will become in 44 THE ULTIMATE GURU, THE DEITY, AND You the future.

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