A Commentary on the Mutus Liber (Hermetic Research Series) by Adam McLean

By Adam McLean

Within the Magnum Opus airtight Sourceworks sequence.

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Binding tight, mild crease on backbone. Pages unmarked, no names. Very mild tanning. hide exhibits gentle scuffing from shelf. Very readable. Isaac Asimov, et al, eds.

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His intention may have been to illustrate in a paradoxical manner his adherence to the spiritual school and to direct the alchemists of his period-for a remnant still survived even in those days of disaster-to the brighter side--or that which he would have called the true object of an experiment known for several centuries under the evasive name of their Art. I must add in sincerity that the folly of the procedure remains, because it was and is legitimate to explain what the spiritual alchemists concealed under their strange terms, but it was not tolerable to perpetuate the use of this language at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

There is an objective and substantial ground of reason, an objective and substantial motive for the Letter I 7 will. These two together form the new principle of Zzye, and morality is there essentially inherent. This pure substance of reason and will, re-uniting in us the Divine and the human, is Jesus Christ, the light of the world, who must enter into direct relationship with us, to be really recognised. This real knowledge is actual faith, in which everything takes place in spirit and in truth.

When it shines, there is morning within, for the Sun of the Soul shines in the intellectual world, even as the external sun glorifies the world without. When the external sun is lifted above the horizon, all objects become visible gradually; and so at the rising of the Spiritual Sun do the intellectual objects of the spiritual world manifest by degrees in our consciousness. The light without shows us the path of our pilgrimage and the Light within reveals the way of salvation. But as the external eye of man is subject to injury, so is the interior eye liable also to dangers.

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