A Gallery of Fluid Motion by M. Samimy, K. S. Breuer, L. G. Leal, P. H. Steen

By M. Samimy, K. S. Breuer, L. G. Leal, P. H. Steen

The visualization of fluid movement has performed an important function within the improvement of fluid dynamics and its purposes, from the evolution of flight to monitoring climate, and knowing the stream of blood. The Fluid Dynamics department of the yankee actual Society sponsors an annual festival for remarkable photos of fluid stream. This quantity features a number of winners from 1985 to the current. every one snapshot is followed through a few explanatory textual content, making the amount a big acquisition for somebody occupied with fluid movement study.

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If deformation is sufficiently large, the resulting translational velocities may favor alignment, as indicated in Fig. 3(b). The corresponding problem of two translating spherical bubbles evolves so that, relative to a reference frame translating with the larger sphere, the small sphere is swept toward the back, as shown in Fig. 3(c). The off-axis configuration for spherical bubbles is unstable as a consequence of the hyperbolic stagnation point at the front of the larger bubble. A comparison of Fig.

These two patterns are due to boundary layer instabilities. When the disks rotate in opposite direction, another spiral pattern slowly appears (Fig. 2 This new pattern arises through a super-critical bifurcation. Increasing the Reynolds number, the two spiral patterns can coexist (Fig. 4). G. Gauthier, P. Gondret, and M. Rabaud, “Axisymmetric propagating vortices in the flow between a stationary and a rotating disk enclosed by a cylinder,” J. Fluid Mech. 386, 105 (1999). 2 G. Gauthier, P. Gondret, F.

Here the wake has undergone a second transition to a time-dependent state, which is characterized by a periodic shedding of vortex loops, connected by counterrotating pairs of vortex filaments. When the wake is viewed from a different angle, it may be (and has often been) misinterpreted as having a helical structure. However, the upper image clearly shows the existence of a reflectional symmetry with respect to a plane going through the sphere center. The lower photographs show a close-up of the oscillating wake at about seven diameters behind the sphere, seen simultaneously from two perpendicular directions.

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