Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt

By Irene Hunt

The unforgettable tale of younger Jethro Creighton who comes of age through the turbulent years of the Civil warfare.

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At the forecastle, a very strategic location, was a 7-inch Blakely pivot rifle that could fire a 100-pound shot more than four thousand yards. The other Blakely, an 35 SCOTT O’DELL 8-inch set up abaft the mainmast, we seldom used. Seen from a short distance, her raking masts and sleek block hull were exciting to behold. On September 5, 1862, flying the Stars and Stripes, we ran down the Ocmulgee, our first captive, a large schooner out of Edgartown, Massachusetts. Lashed alongside her was an immense sperm whale.

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