Agency Rules - Never an Easy Day at the Office by Khalid Muhammad

By Khalid Muhammad

Celebrated as a ragtag strength that defeated and broke the Soviet Union, not anyone envisioned the Mujahideen could deliver with them an epidemic that will unfold like wildfire via Pakistan within the years to stick with. while the battle-worn opponents again with out enemy or struggle to struggle, they grew to become their attractions at the nation that were their writer and benefactor.

From an identical battlegrounds that birthed the Mujahideen, a tender Kamal Khan emerges as a unique breed of warrior. Discarding his filthy rich kinfolk comforts, Kamal turns into a precision sniper, an invincible commando and a clandestine operative bringing intimidation, dominance and loss of life with him to the battlefield. finishing the plague is his major directive.

Shrouded in political expediency, hampered by way of inner energy struggles, overseas espionage and doublespeak that makes Washington's spin medical professionals proud, Kamal's challenge is a nightmare of rampant militant fundamentalism that threatens to choke and take Pakistan hostage. For him, the struggle isn't just for freedom, however the survival of a kingdom.

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Afzal Khan wasn’t used to being refused, but he couldn’t tell if Iftikhar was lying, and Kamal’s face was maddeningly blank as well. There was a small awkward silence as Afzal tried to think of an appropriate comeback. The two faces before him were stiff and unwelcome, and for the first time in his life, he felt like an outsider. ” Before Kamal could even reach for his posting orders, Iftikhar replied. “Sorry, sir. That’s classified. The location of an asset is never disclosed, not even to family members.

At the Major ’s questioning look, Kamal brushed aside any explanation. ” They had developed a bond during his time at The Bird’s Nest, where Iftikhar had been one of his many instructors. Kamal had piqued his interest early in his commando training with his tenacity and unwillingness to accept defeat. The more time he spent with the young sniper, the more respect he developed for him. After Kamal earned his maroon beret, the two had stayed in touch as much as two serving soldiers could. When he walked in the door at The Jungle, Iftikhar saw an opportunity to impart the knowledge that he had gained during his two tours in the ISI.

That’s classified. The location of an asset is never disclosed, not even to family members. ” He offered his business card to Afzal Khan. ” Afzal had no military background, much less training in espionage, so he was unable to question anything Iftikhar was telling him. “Kamal, we should be going. The Colonel is waiting for us in the Commandant’s office,” Iftikhar said, grabbing Kamal’s arm. “It was a pleasure meeting you. ” Dismissed and rebuffed, Afzal Khan’s face fell. He felt that he had made an effort — he had come to his son’s graduation.

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