An introduction to convex polytopes by Arne Brondsted

By Arne Brondsted

The purpose of this ebook is to introduce the reader to the attention-grabbing global of convex polytopes. The highlights of the e-book are 3 major theorems within the combinatorial concept of convex polytopes, often called the Dehn-Sommerville kin, the higher sure Theorem and the decrease sure Theorem. all of the heritage info on convex units and convex polytopes that is m~eded to lower than­ stand and relish those 3 theorems is built intimately. This heritage fabric additionally types a foundation for learning different features of polytope concept. The Dehn-Sommerville relatives are classical, while the proofs of the higher sure Theorem and the decrease sure Theorem are of more moderen date: they have been present in the early 1970's through P. McMullen and D. Barnette, respectively. A recognized conjecture of P. McMullen at the charac­ terization off-vectors of simplicial or uncomplicated polytopes dates from an identical interval; the booklet ends with a quick dialogue of this conjecture and a few of its relatives to the Dehn-Sommerville family, the higher sure Theorem and the reduce certain Theorem. despite the fact that, the hot proofs that McMullen's stipulations are either enough (L. J. Billera and C. W. Lee, 1980) and beneficial (R. P. Stanley, 1980) transcend the scope of the booklet. must haves for interpreting the ebook are modest: ordinary linear algebra and basic aspect set topology in [R1d will suffice.

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