Ancient Eastern Architecture by Gwendolyn Leick

By Gwendolyn Leick

The one English-language booklet of its type, this dictionary supplies a accomplished survey of the complete diversity of old close to jap structure: from the Neolithic around huts in Palestine to the large temples of Ptolemaic Egypt. Leick describes the differences of average historical architectural buildings reminiscent of pyramids, tombs and homes, information the development fabric and methods hired, and clarifies professional terminology.

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There was also a pillared audience-hall surrounded by administrative quarters and private rooms. , Egypt in Nubia (London 1965) building inscription The maintenance and restoration of existing monuments was one of the most costly responsibilities of ancient Oriental kings. As soon as the predominantly mudbrick BYBLOS structures fell into neglect they deteriorated rapidly, and the ancient cities must have had a fair number of ruined or semiruined buildings at all times. Rather than restore a former edifice, a new one could be built either on the levelled remains of the old structure (if it was on a particularly hallowed spot), or completely afresh at some other place.

They were virtually indispensable for monumental buildings because they could span much larger spaces (8–12m), and exports to Egypt and Mesopotamia are attested from the 3rd millennium BC onwards. Beni-Hasan Egypt, see map p. xvi. Cemetery on a cliffface on the E side of the Nile near Minya. It contains thirty-nine ROCK TOMBS dating from the XI and XII Dynasties (c. Beni-Hasan: rock-cut tomb (Middle Kingdom) 2133–1786 BC) which had been commissioned by wealthy administrators (nomarchs). The oldest tombs at Beni-Hasan have a simple square tomb-chamber with a single or treble row of columns or pillars cut from the rock.

In this context, the term denotes the whole Canaanite cult area including altars, courtyards, store houses etc (see MEGIDDO, ARAD, HAZOR). barque chapel Kiln for the fabrication of baked bricks, Luxor (Egypt) 30 In Egyptian temples the barques used for the ritual journeys of the gods were stored in small peripteral chapels on a podium with a central stand for the barque. In the Graeco-Roman period they became more elaborate, like miniature buildings, complete with a NAOS and a covered ambulatory.

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