AngularJS: Novice to Ninja: Elegant, Powerful, Testable, by Sandeep Panda

By Sandeep Panda

AngularJS: amateur to Ninja is the proper ebook to trip into the area of AngularJS, the superheroic JavaScript framework. constructed and maintained through Google, AngularJS brings the Model-View-Controller (MVC) trend to JavaScript purposes and gives a top quality starting place for construction complicated and strong apps fast. you are going to start with the fundamentals together with Angular's magical two-way facts binding and the way to write down test-friendly code. very quickly you will be relocating directly to comprehend extra complex themes like scope, dependency injection, filters, and lots more and plenty extra.

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Well, let's see what happens step by step: 1. First the ng-app directive bootstraps the application. We don't have a module, so we just write ng-app without specifying any values. One thing to note is that whenever AngularJS encounters ng-app it creates a root scope for your HTML page. Again, the scope is a place where we store our model data so that they are accessible by the view. 2. Next, ng-init directive creates a model called name and keeps it in the root scope. The model is initialized with the value AngularJS.

Info Falling In Love With AngularJS structor functions, we should follow PascalCase while naming them. On the other hand, the module name should be in camelCase. Playing with Filters Want to try something cool? Replace {{result()}} in the previous HTML snippet with {{result() | currency}} and see the result automatically formatted as currency (with $ symbol and commas). This is called afilter, which we'll be covering later in this book. As we have finished developing the app let's have a look at the testing process briefly.

The Anatomy of an AngularJS app Before building your first AngularJS app, you should be aware of the different components of AngularJS. Here I will outline some of the important components that you should absolutely know before moving further. 1. Model: The data shown to the users. The model data are simple POJOs (Plain Old JavaScript Objects). 2. View: This is what the users see when they visit your page, that is to say after the raw HTML template involving directives and expressions is compiled and linked with correct scope.

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