Combinatorics and Commutative Algebra by Richard P. Stanley

By Richard P. Stanley

Some impressive connections among commutative algebra and combinatorics were found lately. This e-book presents an outline of 2 of the most themes during this sector. the 1st matters the suggestions of linear equations in nonnegative integers. functions are given to the enumeration of integer stochastic matrices (or magic squares), the quantity of polytopes, combinatorial reciprocity theorems, and similar effects. the second one subject offers with the face ring of a simplicial complicated, and incorporates a facts of the higher certain Conjecture for Spheres. An introductory bankruptcy giving heritage info in algebra, combinatorics and topology broadens entry to this fabric for non-specialists.

New to this version is a bankruptcy surveying newer paintings with regards to face earrings, targeting purposes to f-vectors. incorporated during this bankruptcy is an summary of the evidence of McMullen's g-conjecture for simplicial polytopes in accordance with toric forms, in addition to a dialogue of the face jewelry of such specified sessions of simplicial complexes as shellable complexes, matroid complexes, point complexes, doubly Cohen-Macaulay complexes, balanced complexes, order complexes, flag complexes, relative complexes, and complexes with team activities. additionally integrated is info on subcomplexes and subdivisions of simplicial complexes, and an software to spline theory.

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I{V,m) andi{V,m) = 1, and i{V, m) = ( - l ) ^ i ( P , - m ) . 2 E x a m p l e . Let V = Q>n = {doubly stochastic n x n matrices} C M'^ . fin is a convex polytope of dimension (n — 1)^, and by the Birkhoffvon Neumann theorem its vertices are the permutation matrices. One finds that 2(il„,m) = # { n x n N-matrices with constant line sum m} = Hn{m) and iiVin, m) = # { n x n P-matrices with constant line sum m} = Hn{—'m). Thus the earlier results on the enumeration of magic squares (Anand-Dumir-Gupta conjecture) can also be derived via the preceding theorem.

As above, write H{M) = UaMaA submodule N C M is homogeneous if generated by homogeneous elements, and such a submodule has the structure of a graded /^-module by Na = N D Ma. In particular, this defines homogeneous ideal. -module: M/N = U ( ^ / ^ ) - ' (^/A^)a = MjNa . a Prom now on we assume that i? -modules are finitely-generated, unless the contrary is explicitly stated. -modules as modules over a polynomial ring. Let yi,2/2, • • • ,2/s ^ ^{R+), degy^ = Si e N"^ - {0}. Introduce new variables y^ with degVi = S^, and let A = k[Yi^...

Also, for a € Z'' and r = diag (u^\u^^,... ,u^-) € T, let XQ(T) = li"* € A;*. g. Cohen-Macaulayness, due to Hochster and Roberts). 1 T h e o r e m . $ is a finitely-generated k-algebra. Proof. Let / be the ideal of J? *)^. ,X** in (R^)^ which generate / as an ideal of R. We want to show that E^ is a finitely-generated monoid. , (5t generate E^. Let /? € E^. Since x^ G / , we get (3 = <5i-l-7,7 G N^. But P,6i € E^ implies 7 E -E^ (this is the crucial property of this monoid). Having peeled off one generator ^j, we continue until we get p expressed as a sum of <5i's.

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